As the season draws to a close, Kings Heath are facing a potential-fixture-backlog-nightmare-shocker. A frequencey of games that would have messrs Wenger and Ferguson tearing grey hair out, has left Kings Heath Gaffer Ivey un-fazed.
KHUFC Online caught up with Ivey at his Northamptonshire home. "A lot of the pro clubs do it" said Ivey, "so i thought i'd take the lads on a mid-season luxary sunshine break. It was a shame that La Manga was fully booked, so we're off to Blackpool instead" beamed Ivey. The event ties in with the stag weekend of Heath favourite, Wayne Lancaster. After the negative headlines involving the Leicester City mid-season break, Ivey has gone to a lot of trouble to ensure the reputations of his young stars, "i've banned all German protitutes and white spirits" confirmed a forceful Steve Ivey.
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