Parker Cup Final 6th April 2003
Venue: Northampton Sixfields Stadium
Kings Heath United  
2   Vs   0
  Northampton United
Chris Davies (2)   

Ready to conquer the world! The Cup Final Winners!
Top Row (left to right): Wayne Hamill, Lee Morin, James Conway, Jon Allen, Marc Jeffrey, Wayne Lancaster, Nick Blenco, Dale Roe, Kaafi Bile, Steve Ivey.
Bottom Row: Adam Longley, Dave Robinson, Julian Anger, Bob Tansley, Chris Davies, Craig Sampson, Andy Blenco.

Match Day Diary
The day started badly for Jeffers, everyone met at 12.00 at the club all excited and ready to go. To relieve some of the nervous tension it was decided we would have a little table football tournament. Now, Jeffers prides himself on his table footie skills, which is why he was devastated to be absoloutly pounded and destroyed by Bob Tansley in the first game he played, he couldnt have taken a worse beating if he had played with his arms behind his back! But never mind, the day would get better.
We arrived at Northampton Sixfields Stadium and after fighting the hoards of screaming supporters we made it to the changing room. We all warmed up together, taking in the vast surroundings, trying to look cool and stuff, but as Sir Alex Ferguson would say, it was Squeeze Your Bum time.
As we went back to the changing room the Guvna told us what was expected... to cut a long story short we were expected to WIN!
We ran out onto the pitch to the deafening cheers of the heath faithful, even Jeffers' dad had managed to be up by 2.00pm on Sunday to come and watch.
The game started nervously as expected, but we took control early on, lots of running from Craig Sampson was the first thing that stood out, both teams had early chances, Dale 'Butterfingers' Roe was in fine form in the Heath goal, much to our relief.
We were putting more and more pressure on now, Chris Davies and Samo were getting a lot of the ball, and Bob was contolling the back. After about 20 minutes, Tans put through a delightful ball for Chris to run onto, and his shot found the bottom corner or the net. 1-0... Woo Hoo.
After that Northampton United stepped it up, and we had to resort to hitting them on the break. After a coupe of scares in our own goal mouth, one including Bob chesting it down to Dale on his own goal line, we found ourselves 2-0 ahead, it was lil Chrissy Davies again who scored! Beating the keeper to the ball and as it was bouncing in slow motion in to the goal mouth, Jeffers was chasing it, thinking, if it hits the post im gonna whack it in and do a lap round the stadium!! But the ball dropped right in the corner of the net. JOY!
Half time came, and we were ahead 2-0.
The half time chat was strange, we hadnt played great, but we were doing the job was the general opinion. There were no flying boots but James Conway was wearing a crash helmet just in case, or was it his new hair cut?
In the second half it was stale mate, Northampton United hit the bar with a free kick, Jon Allen came off for Wayne Lancaster, Kaafi Bile, carrying a groin strain, came close to scoring, he was then replaced by James Conway.
Then with 10 minutes left, Marc Jeffrey was hit with a drop kick that Hulk Hogan would be pround of, and although our Physio for the day (Adam) sprayed his shin pad with deep freeze frantically, for some reason the pain did not go!!!
It was at this point it occured to us that the Ref knew very few words other than "shut up!" He must have said it about 50 times!
2 minutes later Jeffers was off for Dave Robinson, and a about 10 minutes after that it was all over. Nobody could hear the final whistle, it was drowned out by Samo and Waynes girly screams that was very similar to the dodgy bloke off the Goonies!!
We had won!!! 2-0! We lifted the cup, which we think must have been made in about 1860, and then we went out and partied the night away in town!
Fair play to Northampton United, they played well and are a good bunch of lads, apart from the Hulk Hogan wannabe!
Man of the match...
Craig Sampson for his running and amazing screams
Bob Tansley for his composure
Dale Roe for his clean sheet
Chris Davies for his two goals?
Easy answer...EVERYBODY! We all deserve the credit. Well done guys, a fantastic day out had by all.
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