NTFA Intermediate Cup, Semi-Final.
Sunday 8th Febuary '04
Kings Heath United

Andy Blenco

"The turf was lush, the goals were up on time, the mood was up-beat and the cup final song was penned. Sadly, the only thing missing from this semi-final, was a half-deccent performance from the Heath boys."

Michael Fish had predicted strong winds, and they came in force, Heath's chances of a glamorous Sixfields final just blew away. Kings Heath never really settled, Dynamo, with a point to prove, were harrassing and closing down with great effect. They were frustrating Kings Heath with their dogged defending against the wind, and were not allowing any fluent football to be played.
The opening goal came in bizare circumstances. Bob Tansley, who replaced the injured Wayne Hamill early on, was un-lucky to see the ball deflect off his foot and into his own net. The cross from Dynamo's David Stone met the standing leg of Tansley, and the ball trickled in slow motion past Urquhart. Ivey held his hands to his head, Pete Billingham dropped his newspaper, Cooper whined and Olly shouted "BOLLOCKS" quite loud.
Just for a moment, it looked like this was the wake-up call the Heath needed. Pressure mounted from then on. Andy Blenco smashed in an equaliser, keeping his cool to produce an accurate finish through a crowded box. The pressure didn't last though. The sense of direction had lost and 1-1 was the half-time score.
Heath hadn't took full advantage of the wind.
After another wake-up call, this time in the shape of an Ivey & Tansley half time blast, Heath stepped out for the second-half. Disaster struck as some slack marking at the far post let in James Mellor to give Dynamo the lead again.
Two became three as a shell-shocked Kings Heath didn't really know what to do with themselves.
Dynamo later added a fourth to complete the misery.

Kings Heath United (4-4-2):
G.Billingham, N.Blenco, R.Page, W.Hamill (B.Tansley)(L.Morin)
C.Davies, J.Urquhart (M.Newton), J.Anger, A.Blenco
M.Jeffrey, C.Sampson
Venue: North Oval Ground, Kings Heath
K.O.: 10:30am
Report By Glenn Billingham
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