Araglen Premier Division.
Sunday 11th April '04
NCC Nusport

Kings Heath United
    Josh Urquhart (2)
Andy Blenco
Glenn Billingham
Julian Anger
Olly Urquhart

"It was a perfect setting if ever there was one, the sun was shining, the dew on the grass made for an inviting playing surface and the heated floors at Wootton Hall were just pleasing. Gaffer Ivey welcomed back Chris Davies and Rob Page into midfield, and Marc Jeffrey returned up-front. Paul Pickering and Matty Newton both missed todays clash."

Heath were lucky to still be at 0-0 after 10 minutes of play, a criminal sloppy start nearly paved the way for an up-set. The deadline was broke against the run of play. A Wayne Lancaster clearance, neat football from Andy Blenco & Rob Page before an eye of the needle throughball for Josh Urquhart, and Urquhart did the rest. Powering his shot across the face of the keeper and into the bottom corner.
Heath never looked back from this moment.
Urquhart added a second with almost a carbon copy of his first. Jeffers was very un-lucky after a beautiful ball by full-back Lee Morin played him in one on one with the Nusport keeper, but his well taken shot coming back off both posts... the drama!
Heath's third goal was what can only be described as a treat. A Chris Davies run down the flank, the box filling up, Davies checks back and squares the ball to the on-coming Andy Blenco, Blenco un-leashes a humdinger of a shot that wasn't too dis-similar to an exorcet missile! Blenco's "weaker foot" sends the ball crashing into the top corner for 3-0.
It was all getting a little bit Brazillian. Andy Blenco had started the samba drums, and now there was no stopping them. Nicky Blenco had turned into a trendy South American centre-back, bringing the ball down effortlessley and playing football from the back. Rob Page was everywhere, his curly locks cascadeing around the midfield as he waltzed around setting up attack after attack.
Half-time came and went, and things had gone from Brazillian to 1970's 'total football', we were wearing Dutch orange after all.
Billingham into centre midfield, Rob Page dropped into left-back, keeper Olly Urquhart up-front, Chris Davies in goal and Julian Anger still everywhere.
Anger was next to add himself to the scoresheet. This too was something special, a free-kick from all of 40 yards out. Anger had everyone line up for a cross, and promptly picked out the angle of post and cross-bar before celebrating in nonchelent fashion. This display was turning into an aesthetic footballing masterpiece.
Billingham, who's the opposite of prolific, was doing his best to get on the scoresheet. Driven on by the capacity crowd of 6, Billingham let rip with a swerving left-foot volley from 30 yards, only to see the keeper make his only good save of the afternoon. Billingham's luck changed though, when a weaker left-foot "effort" from just inside the box decieved the keeper by travelling in the air.
Keeper-come-striker Olly Urquhart grabbed the last laugh though, heading a Glenn Billingham cross past the keeper to spark wild and silly celebrations. Giggling and high fives as far as the eye could see. Urquhart was sandwiched in-between two beefy centre-backs, but rose like the proverbial salmon to head home.
The game did turn Brazillian again before the end. Heath realising they had let a 4'6" small Brazillian child play in goal for the last 20mins. Thankfully though, it turned out to be Chris Davies in Ollys goal-keeping jersey.

Glenn 'Nick Collins' Billingham,
The Footballing Circus,
Wootton Hall HQ.

Kings Heath United (4-4-2):
L.Morin, N.Blenco, W.Lancaster, G.Billingham
C.Davies, R.Page, A.Blenco (D.Robinson), J.Urquhart
M.Jeffrey, J.Anger
Venue: Wooton Hall
K.O.: 10:30am
Report By Glenn Billingham
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