NFA Sunday Vase Round 3.
Sunday 14th December '03
Abington Rangers

Kings Heath united
    Josh Urquhart(2)
Craig Sampson
Chris Davies

"A bitterley cold Racecourse was the venue for this weeks injury-ravaged squad. An elaborate birthday celebration for left-back Wayne Hamill saw the injured/un-avalible list grow to record numbers. Manager became player/manager as Ivey started himself at centre-back - cue 'the chest' and Peter Beardsley impressions in your own 6-yard box!"

Heath started in bright fashion on a difficult playing surface, and were dominating their average opposition. Chris Davies broke the deadlock with a delicate finish to a sweeping Heath move just after 10 minutes.
It was all one-way traffic, un-fortunate then that most of that traffic stopped at Rob Page, Heath's very own clown prince! An over-ambitious over-head toe poke (yep, its still going up) and a header that narrowly missed the goal... from all of 3cm out didn't add to Heath's lead.
Thankfully, it wasn't too long before Josh Urquhart doubled the advantage. A ski-jump and a 50-yard through ball from Billingham led to a third goal. A crazy bobble and pass from Billingham left Sampson with just the keeper to beat. Sampson accepted the challenge and put Heath into a 3-0 lead. Thats how the score reamined at half-time, with the only other noteable incidents of the half being Ivey's well-publisized Peter Beardsley impressions, and a terrifiying moment involving newly acclaimed club mascot, 'Cooper'. The world strongest and eccentric pet nearly broke its neck attempting a treble jump-loop-twist combo while chasing a ball!
The second half was a non-event in footballing terms, but general entertainment values hit the roof. Heath looked to experiment during the half playing a contraversial 3-7 formation, and due to this change, keeper Olly Urquhart was called upon to ensure a clean sheet. Urquhart making many a fine save. All the more impressive as he had managed to pick two left-handed gloves off the top of his fridge that morning. Olly's younger brother, Josh doubled his tally mid-way through the half to make the final score 4-0.

Kings Heath United (4-4-2):
B.Tansley, G.Billingham, S.Ivey, R.Paige
C.Davies, J.Anger, M.Newton, J.Urquhart
C.Sampson, M.Jeffrey
Venue: Racecourse
K.O.: 10:30am
Report By Glenn Billingham
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