Araglen Premier Division.
Sunday 18th April '04
Kings Heath United

Marc Jeffery
Nicky Blenco
Chris Davies
Rob Page
Matty Newton
Olly Urquhart
NCC Nusport

"For the second time in a week, Kings Heath smashed six goals past the hapless Nusport. On target were Rob Page, Nicky Blenco, Chris Davies, Marc Jeffery, goal-keeper Olly Urquhart and Matty Newton."

It was the most laid back game of football in the world... ever, and mainly due to this fact... Heath only went in at the break one goal up. Marc Jeffery ending a personal barron spell with a tidy turn and finish past Darren Gould.
Heath stepped it up a gear in the second half, and free-flowing football returned. Nicky Blenco powered in a now trademark header, Matty Newton made a goalscoring return to action, capping a great move with a brave finish.
After bagging well-taken goal, it was time for Chris Davies to go in goal again. Olly Urquhart came on pitch and over-took certain players in the scoring steaks with his second goal in a week. Rob Page rounded the scoring off with an intricate finish.
Nusport are a club facing an un-certain future, starting with only 10 men and missing front runners Errington & Foster, they were no real match for Kings Heath.
Some resiliant defending from the athletic and toned back four frustrated Heath, but it was only a matter of time before the avalanche came.
Bondy the Indian elephant worked hard for Nusport as the target man, but was put in his place by Chopper the African elephant. Messrs Bond and Morin clashed like two punch-drunk aggressive elephants in the wild in one of the funniest moments i have ever witnessed on a football pitch. That was a human sandwich i was glad to be well away from!
The other highlight of the second half was player/boss Steve Ivey making a cameo appearance, one that will live in the memory of the football purest for some time.
Ivey was breathtaking as sweeper, as cheeky as a monkey with a football brain and technique that only a sober Gazza could resemble.

Kings Heath United (4-4-2):
L.Morin, N.Blenco, R.Page, G.Billingham
C.Davies, J.Anger (S.Ivey), A.Blenco (W.Hamill), M.Newton
M.Jeffery, C.Sampson
Venue: North Oval Ground, Kings Heath
K.O.: 10:30am
Report By Glenn Billingham
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